Book your virtual Private Wine tasting (£75 per household):

1. Find some friends (at least three households including yourself), work out what type of wines you most want to try or discover, and consider some dates. Please enquire at least two weeks in advance.

2. Send us an email or give us a call and we will select three wines for your virtual tasting. There is an option to add cheese to the tasting which will be chosen to match the wines and sent directly from La Fromagerie cheese mongers in London. Cheese is priced at £20 per household for three different cheeses.

3. Up to a week in advance, we will organise the three bottles to be delivered to your door with tasting notes (and cheese if ordered), and invite you plus the other participating households to the same Zoom call.

4. Our sommelier will take you through each wine (and cheese if ordered) in a relaxed and informal tasting which will last more or less an hour. You can then stay on the zoom call to enjoy the rest of the evening with your pals, and our sommelier will depart after making someone a co-host.