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Six wines from very different British producers. From the legendary Dermot Sugrue’s own tiny production Champagne-style sparkling, to the urban winery Blackbook based in a Battersea railway arch. This case is designed to showcase the diversity and quality of our production in the UK.

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2017 Seyval Blanc GMF Sparkling, BlackbookWinery Region: Battersea, London Country: England

2014TheTroublewithDreamsBrutSparkling,DermotSugrue Region: South Downs Country: England

2018 Bacchus Reserve, New Hall Region: Essex Country: England

2018 Pinot Gris, Oastbrook Estate Region: Sussex Country: England

2018 I’d Rather be a Rebel Rosé, Blackbook Winery Region: Battersea, London Country: England

2018 Pinot Noir, Bolney Wine Estate Region: West Sussex Country: England

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